Dear 1963 Classmates and Friends,

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we graduated from high school some fifty (50!) years ago. The good news is that we are going to celebrate that from November 6-10, 2013, with ticketed events on the 7th, 8th and 9th. We are working with the school to center our activities in and around the remodeled building in conjunction with Homecoming. The football game (as of this date the opponent is Coral Gables!) is the night of Thursday, November 7, and we have asked to incorporate former players and staff, cheerleaders, band members, Pep Clubbers and Homecoming Court members in the celebration. Wednesday night (11/6) is the school’s Eagles Fling, patterned after the format we initiated in our senior year, and I am toying with doing something along those lines if we can get a stage. While the students have their Homecoming Dance on Friday (11/8), we will have a dinner dance at the Rusty Pelican, a restaurant with a great view across the Bay of a skyline that has changed significantly since we were teens. I am also asking classmates to try and put together a film for the event about our history, and one of the event, as a keepsake, and for those who cannot attend.

I asked if individual class members could make presentations, sort of a Career Day setting, during the school day, Wednesday through Friday, and got an enthusiastic response from the school: more on that soon. Debriefing of attendees at previous reunions highlighted the importance of facilitating opportunities to just hang out and catch up with classmates and friends, and it is our goal to prioritize such. At our 40th, I ended up inviting graduates from the classes of ’59 through ’67, and many neighborhood and family reunions occurred within our class reunion, and added to the experience. I will open it up to them again, but cannot spend as much time helping other classes find their folks as I did last time. They’ll do fine. The Class of ’64 has formally asked to participate jointly with us, and I have representatives from their class helping already. I was part of the original Southwest High Alumni Association, and am assessing its resurrection, so that we can add new members to the Hall of Fame. I am also exploring opportunities to “give back” to the school. The Principal has a need to replace several Department Heads, their Activities Director and Drama teacher, but I will be working through the summer and early Fall to bring some structure to the Saturday event on the SWHS campus. There will be food, a sock hop in the gym, a game along the lines of the one we did at the 40th. and ample time to just hang out, reminisce, and catch up on old friends and acquaintances as we celebrate the 50+ years of our high school alma mater. (That’s Latin. I took it for four years. Seriously.)

SO, mark your calendars, and plan to dance, eat, ogle, hang out, tell some truths and maybe some exaggerations, and share….stuff. Plan to have fun, as we have done at each and every reunion to date. One can only celebrate a 50th anniversary once. Please join us, stay tuned to this website for updates, and spread the word. Thanks!

Don March Jr.
President, SWHS Class of 1963
c: 305.298.3120